Study of China Housing Market

If you are looking at the China real estate market for a significant span of time, you might have likely noted that there prevails a drastic ups and down in the housing market.

One day you may find the market is on ebbs, with the housing prices in a few cities hitting almost an unbelievable heights, and within a short amount of time, then the price of housing sudden begins  to drop down or top out and it seems to be like as if at last the bubble has burst.

But, which may not be the reality, within a two or so quarter later of such market scenario, prices starts increasing or decreasing and as usual the cycle start all over again.

Home Purchasing Restrictions

Home Purchasing Restrictions, generally referred as HPRs is similar to the brake of a truck that is rolling downhill. HPRs is used as a tool to halt the housing market from the runaway momentum by manipulating the buyer side through making purchase of homes less financially attractive and more restrictive.

housing market

When the housing market scenario gets equalized, again it get a slightly cooler than overall economy prefers to bear, the brakes are again let up on, restrictions on home purchases are eased, and naturally buyers show interest to buy new homes, and finally the real estate housing market in China regains momentum.

How they frame HPRs?

Restriction regarding the count of house                    

At times of China’s housing market getting too hot in specific cities, one among the HPRs tools utilized by the government is imposing restriction on how many home buyers can get hold of. Generally, there are distinct standards for non-locals and locals.

Down payment

In order to regulate the housing market in China, the government makes use of another tool by which they regulate on how much a homebuyer must pay as a down payment prior financing becomes available.

In any given city, on the basis of how the local market is running, compulsory down payments may vary from the range of 20% to 35% for those who are buying home for the first time and for subsequent home buyers it may vary from 60% to 80%. For those who are buying three or more homes may even need to pay the entire amount as down payment.


In china, there is no yearly property taxes being levied on the people, the government considers their cut at the time while abodes are sold and such levied tax amount will really be huge. Property tax includes value-added real estate tax, real estate transaction tax, land value-added tax, property tax, education tax, property transfer tax and so on. On the basis of the blow of winds in the market, even government agencies will increase and decrease the property tax of the homebuyer.

Land controls

Municipal governments also encourages and discourages the housing market activity through controlling the count of urban construction land they make available for constructing residential space, which will directly impact on the supply of new housing that hits the market. When there is too much availability of unsold inventory, restrictions on land sales will be higher, and when the inventory is on control, land sales again get speed up.

Price controls

Apart from framing policies and instituting tax rates that creates an impact in the China’s housing market, municipalities can manage decrees that can almost cap the pricing of the houses.


Tips on how to set up a successful budget for repairing your home

During this spring, several people will turn into first-time home buyers. Most of them will run behind the numbers for their mortgages, property tax, a bit more for utilities.

Few of them will avail renovation loans that permit them to fit a fixer-upper for fine living, still several won’t allocate fund to meet the ongoing maintenance cost while planning for their new budgets.

Similar to several first-time home buyers, you will find lot to learn and experience great excitement, but one thing you may forget to consider while budgeting is allocating fund for home repairs.

It is really true that it creates lot of strain in your budget due to unexpected home repairs, still if you are well prepared in advance for those unavoidable costs will lead you to stay in peace of mind.


As per expert’s research, there are two distinct methods that you can try to estimate home maintenance costs and accordingly you can set up a successful budget to meet home repair costs.

Choice 1: The assessed – value method

Several experts advise to set aside approximately between 1 % – 4 % of the assessed value of the home every year for maintenance and repairs.

It may costs higher end for maintaining those homes which are remotely situated such as island homes, those homes that are aged or those homes that owns lavish features such as swimming pools.

If your home didn’t come under any of these categories, you can opt for 1.5% as set aside estimation value for repairing costs.

This approach is typically easy, but you may not be sure that it offers you complete peace of mind. Three major aspects that led us to take further a insight look at estimating actual home repair costs are

  • Assessed values are generally not always correct.
  • The value of the home can be affected by aspects that are totally unrelated to actual maintenance and repair costs such as the quality of the district school.
  • The 1% – 4% range of savings rate estimated by experts left us with a few reservations.

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Choice 2: Itemised project costs

Testing the home-maintenance budget accuracy requires figuring out the individual home repairs costs, and the lifespan of factors such as furnaces and paint jobs.

Here are some of the aspects you must consider as you put jointly a second estimation on the basis of itemized costs:

  • If you live in a location with considerably high cost of living and hence service costs are not cheap.
  • If your houses are considerably small may be within 790 square feet, so several repairs are relatively less expensive.
  • You usually purchase your appliance “similar new” from an outlet store.
  • Our dryer and washer are in small space, and may require a replacement with premium space-saver appliances.

A customizable solution

  • A customizable solution is the one that you keep on update your saving goals on the basis of knowing your new requirements regarding your home.
  • If you discover the roof must be replaced within a few years, you could change the lifespan of the roof and accordingly update your monthly savings goal. This approach is especially very helpful if you own an older home with many pressing repair requirements.

Top 3 ways to research about property online

It’s time to carry on with little more digging once you are done with the basics. Most of the home search begins with online in the current trend. Those who are in the starting stage of the home search might experience a great feel such as sorting the best through listings, floor plans, photos and description out of the market.

As internet is full of information regarding the recorded sales prices, past home sales and the history of sale, it is good to research regarding background of a home that you prefer to buy. Listed below are the three online real estate mobile apps and tools that you can make use of to know more information regarding your preferred home.

Check building records

Almost every documentation and public information is currently available online. Most municipalities facilitate web access to view the building permit history. Even though the law expects most sellers to disclose their past work done on the property, there are likely chances that such building might have a past history which the seller’s may not be aware of.


You can make search online in your favorite search engine, stating building records along with your city’s name.

Make use of Google street view

One among the most revealing choice is researching a specific address by making use of Google’s Street view. It offers a snapshot of a property you are looking for at a specific moment in time, which can offer you insight into the latest history of the neighborhood or property.

However, you should be cautious as the images may not correctly reflect the current state of the home.

It might not show any recent modification made in the property to have a pleasing look or few changes done to elevate the safety levels in the home. Hence, just through seeing the property in Google Street view, you can’t decide how a property exactly looks as there are likely chances that it may miss out little information.

real estate online

Check it out the neighborhood app

A myriad of crime reporting applications for mobile devices will show you details regarding the recent crimes that have been filed, including, theft, assault, homicide, robbery, sex offenders, vehicle theft and quality of life (which frequent means noise complaints). It’s a simple and an easy approach to get an overview of how unsafe or safe a neighborhood is.

As sufficient information is available online nowadays it becomes ease for the buyers to decide to go about with his or her home buying proposal or not. It is not necessary that you have to rely completely with the realtor’s or the seller’s disclosures as using online resources you can find much more background information about the property as you can.

Best ways to use tax refund for upgrading home

Along with a warmer temperature, blooming flower, April brings home another lovely surprise, tax refund. Irrespective of the size of your refund, you can make use of it for home improvements.

Generally it may not be sufficient to meet up major home improvements like kitchen renovation or a new addition; still it can be used to accomplish an array of home improvements and up-fits. Listed below are a few tips on how making use of your tax refund in order to enhance or refurbish your home.

Get service from a professional organizer

Mostly, you will get tax refunds during the springtime; you can make use of it to spring cleaning. Most of the organizers charge cost on a day to day basis, and if they perform outstandingly, it may take a day or two to banish clutter.

Prior you hire on, ensure to check with that your choice of organizer is a professional certified which states how they are serious regarding their career.

tax refund

Repaint your baseboards

It happens that over a span of time, the top of the baseboard may get really dirt where your entire molding requirement meets the wall. Caulking and by giving a fresh paint coating, you can bring back the wall, a vibrant look.

Purchase a new rug

Purchasing a right new rug will finish the room and an excellent idea to spend a smaller tax refund. While purchasing an area rug, make sure you buy it in a right inches as if you get it small one to save dollars, it makes the entire room to get an out of scale look.

Update curb appeal

Updating or adding a few of the essentials such as a new mailbox, new house numbers, shrubs, outdoor lightings and some flower boxes can spruce up the looks of your home. You can also face-lift your exterior upgrades to an elevated level by having a fresh paint coating to your front door.

Upgrade the water heater

It’s not just a matter of spending money, but swapping from a standard water heater with a tank less model, will assist you to save energy and money as it heats only the required amount of water.

Face-lift your ceiling looks

In order to revamp your popcorn ceilings, you can hire a professional service provider to get those scraps to smooth ceiling, which add a great color to your room’s appearance. Even you can try DIY projects such as crown molding installation, or box beams to attain a fresh look for your room. A simple painting work done will do wonders too.

Upgrade your lighting fixtures

If you own flush-mount fixtures on your entry-way and dining room, you can swap them and get chandeliers as it brings the light down and make it more aesthetic and purposeful. You can even opt for LEDs as they are really available at a cost effective price and you can get it in cool and warm colors and also in almost major kinds of wattages. Also, it will save the energy too.

Enhance the deck you have or build one

On the basis of the size and details you require, every deck costs differently. Generally, a small deck may costs around $2,000. Most of the people prefer to own a deck in their home and it’s not a huge surprise that you can sell back the decks at a considerable cost by which you can gain around 80% to 120% as return on the investment you made.

Upgrade to wood flooring

You can also upgrade your flooring to quality hardwood which may costs around $7 to $12 for each square foot. If you plan to get service from a professional, likely the charges may get increase, yet it’s a worthy investment which you regain while selling back the home.

Expenses that hits your budget after closing your new construction home

In order to meet those expenses you incur after moving into your newly constructed home, it is good to save some room in your budget. You may experience that you are out of cash or left with thin finance at the time of owning your new construction home keys.

Starting from arranging money and center upgrades, to final costs and relocating expenses, purchasing a new construction home is not at all available at cheap cost. Still, it is recommended to set aside a portion of money for meeting the expenses after you move-in to your new home to have a smooth sailing.



Your new laundry space in your home will look empty unless you have negotiated a dryer and washer into the home price with your builder. Many constructors will not include a refrigerator also in the home price as they will ask the homeowners to opt themselves to choose according to their required style that match their needs.

So, in case if you want to buy all these appliances, it is advisable to do the same approximate to your close date once you come to know and try making use of the good offers deal often announced by several appliance stores. You can purchase the appliance and can instruct delay delivery of the same after you move in.


If you are opting for a larger home from present abode, obviously your utilities will also increase, especially cooling and heating. And if in case if you are relocating to a new location or city with a distinct utility company, it becomes mandatory that you have to pay a sum as a deposit to begin service.

Also, you may need to spend money to hire services such as satellite TV, cable or Internet, for which they will install few equipment if in case you are opting for a new construction home.

real estate expenses


Getting new furnishings and décor for your new home is the much more exciting tasks that every one of us wishes to do. Even though you own good condition furniture, there may be chances that it won’t fit in your new home, or you don’t have furniture to décor your new guest room or you may love to get an area rug for your beautiful hardwood floors and so on. Hence, keeping aside a portion of money for furniture and décor is inevitable while moving into the new home.

Window coverings

Finding beautiful and wide-open windows bare and without any curtains or blinds are not good to see. Most of the builders will not offer window coverings and it is something that as a homeowner, you have to procure quickly once you move into the new home. As there are better ways to interact and introduce yourself to your neighbor than having a big bare windows or pinned up bed sheets for privacy reasons.


Most of the builders will landscape the yard in the front and leave the backyard unfenced and unfinished, which you may need to make it good within a specific span of time as per if your next to the door neighbor has a homeowner’s association. It’s still an expenditure that you have to meet even though you do it yourself or hire a professional.

Tricks to become a better real estate pro

Persons who are consistently gaining money in the real estate world pretty well know about the market scenario. They know regarding the new developments, location, history, transportation, schools about the respective area they deal.

You have to do a lot of homework to shine in this industry and to stay ahead in the competitive real estate world. As a real estate pro, you must know a few tricks, stay ahead of others instead of chasing them for survival.

Learn Local Pricing

The foremost thing to learn knows the current price trends in your area. For an instance, as a potential investor, you should check whether the price of a home in the area you choose is accelerating faster than others.

real estate

Next, look to see if the average price of the home is more comparatively than other neighboring cities. This will help you to understand where there is more demand and the best way to know the current trend prevailing in the market.

Own Pre-approval for a Mortgage

There are myriad benefits you can gain by holding pre-approval for a mortgage. Above all, you can enjoy the financial benefits as many lenders will be ready to accept a favorable interest rate for you once you have the pre-approval for a mortgage.

You will be viewed as a preferred buyer, if you have the pre-approved in the eyes of the prospective seller as you explained them clearly that you have a good financial backing.

Check it out for a Catalyst                                                               

One way to understand that a location is developing and will be a desirable choice in mere future is the upcoming of new infrastructure. When you can view schools being raised up and new roads being laid, it signifies that the community is all set for a growth.

Making an investment in such growing community will be profitable as it will attract homebuyers and on the other hand maintains the tax base low. You can check it out with the real estate agents who generally have an idea about the new projects that are pursued in your preferred area.

real estate pro

Look for Low-tax alternatives

If you come across two towns adjacent, one being charged with high property taxes and other comparatively lower, there will be high demand for the latter property.

A good choice of a realtor will assist you in determining the best and worst property tax for the area you prefer. Or else, to get the details, you can call the local tax assessor who will inform you regarding the town tax charges.

 Check the outskirts

If the properties situated in the major cities and towns are overpriced, you can opt for those properties on the outer fringes as there is more probability that those areas may gain demand in a due course of time.

Nearly any region where there is a plan of major train installing or stop to be organized or a new major bus route to be created will be a desirable choice that sure to see a hike in price.

Tips to make your home ready for your hobbies after retirement

It is perfect to restore your hobbies once you retire from your job and not necessarily that your home being a hindrance to go with your hobbies. Retirement is definitely a span of time in everyone’s life to do things that makes them stay happy and comfortable especially in their own home. But is it true that your home is all set to enjoy with your preferred hobbies?

Revamp your reading nook

Make a refreshing nook for reading by turning your old workspace. You can set aside your favorite scholarly journals, novels and investment newspapers. By sitting in your favorite chair comfortably, reading your favorite book next to a window allowing natural light, placing your feet on a small footstool for experiencing extra comfort is definitely an awesome leisure pursuit.

home after retirement

Keep your reading glasses in a small side table close to the reach of your hand. You can still keep on reading during the night by owning an overhead reading lamp in the space.

Restore your garage workspace

Avoid an unorganized and dark garage, and without sacrificing inventory, create a new space. It is good to increase the workbench height so that you no need to strain much on your back. Install a pegboard behind your workbench for placing tools and no need to reach the toolbox whenever required.

It is good to organize motor oil separately from antifreeze in order to get escape from confusion while working beneath the hood. It is not good to work in the dark and hence add a light switch beside your door in order to overcome missteps.

Renovate your baking area

It is a great feeling to pull out freshly baked chocolate chip cookies from the oven, but find a place to store all the crucial ingredients for it, so that you can access instantly. In order to have an easy read of your cookbook, clip it to a pants hanger. To avoid struggling due to carrying heavy lift cookware, try owning a lightweight pans and pots which are durable in nature.

Renew your crafting skills

Avoid piling up of your old crafts at the kitchen table, instead make use of your old work space as a craft room. Make use of height-adjustable table and get an ergonomic chair to get a proper spine and back support that makes your craft project done with utmost comfort. Install a pegboard wall similar like one in the garage to hang your tools related to craft work for easy reach.

real estate ideas

Renovate your napping space

Enjoying a nap during afternoon considered to be a luxury while working, but now everyday you can go for it, but ensure you equip your bedroom properly. To aid you with better sleep, purchase a firm ergonomic new mattress.

Go for those choices of shades for windows that restrict light inside your room facilitating you to have a good rest. Soft nature sounds or classical music at background may aid your mind to get perfect relaxation.

Your redefined space in your home for enjoying your leisure pursuits will allow you to stay free to explore and create a new venture.

Sweet locations for workers to buy homes

It is not equally created everywhere when comes to jobs, housing costs and salaries and thus right balancing of these aspects may become difficult.

Interns find squatting in corporate work areas, whereas Silicon Valley workers stay in RVs and vans. From this, it is very clear that the vagaries of sky-high costing house price do not shield few of the tech salary earning workers.

The good fact is that, there are some tech jobs available outside the Bay area and in a few places, workers are left out with some thousands of dollars even after meeting their monthly payments, income taxes and housing costs.

Similarly, it is factual for finance workers, who no need to brave rents in New York City in order to build their careers. Also, health care workers can also perform well anywhere in the market as they are available with as plentiful of job opportunities as the affordable housing costs.

buy homes

According to a recent research and analysis conducted by LinkedIn and Zillow on a host of housing and data related to their employment in order to find which market are suitable for finance, health care workers and technology considering their salaries and income tax rates, the results were surprising.

The research was made on the basis of job openings in the markets and hiring rates in each field and availability of disposable income after meeting expenses such as median rent and income taxes.

While the Bay Area is not filled up with the best mix of employment opportunity and affordable housing, technology workers in San Francisco however manage to cope up with the stratospheric housing cost.  A median home costs about $833,600 in this area.

The average tech worker in San Francisco ends the month with a disposable income of about $140 more when compared to an average tech worker in Denver, where median home costs about $356,900. Tech renters are also charged better in San Francisco when compared to Denver, with approximately $591 in disposable on their monthly income.

real estate buying

And the better bet on a whole is Seattle, with tech workers holding around $5,987 as disposable income if they are staying in their own homes and if they are in rental abode, they are keeping $5,493 as disposable income in a month. When compared to the Bay Area, Pittsburgh and Austin seems to pencil out better.

For finance workers, the economic sweet spots are considered to be Charlotte, Phoenix and Dallas-Fort. And, for health care workers, Phoenix, Boston and Indianapolis are said to be the best bets.

Tips for real estate sellers to avoid deals from falling through

Selling an abode is not an easy process, but it gets even more complex and cost incurred if the early deal falls through. Buyers may back out at the final minute be for any reasons. Hence, as a seller, you must know a few things regarding late-stage exits.

The Buyers back out in legal ways

The property status will get generally changed to “under contract” from “for sale” after buyer ready to offer for your home and signed a contract by both the two parties. This contract will state realtors and other buyers that you as a seller have a buyer and it is under the process of the deal closing. Still, a home purchase or sale will not come to an end until both the parties have signed, the entire essential and necessary legal document required for transferring the ownership at closing.

real estate

Buyers can legally back out of a deal using the contingency clauses written in the contracts at nominal or no cost to them. The most common contingency comprises

Home Inspection Contingency: The abode for sale must pass inspection or the seller must accept to make good of any repairs noted by the buyer during inspection.

Mortgage Loan Contingency: The buyer must be potent to get a mortgage loan for the home property, generally within a specific span of time of contract signing.

Sale Contingency: The home purchase accepted by the buyer depends on selling of his or her asset.

Appraisal Contingency: The price of the selling home must either be less or meet the official appraisal price.

When there is a change of heart, a buyer or seller may say no to a deal on the basis of one or more clauses not being met as specified in the initial contract and the party which is no longer interested in the deal will close it.

Consequences of buyer’s back out to the seller

If your prospective buyer backs out of the contract of sale of your abode, you may have to lose a few things that include:

  • Interest from other qualified buyers
  • Time
  • Your next home purchase
  • Money

Hence it is better to avoid falling through by having a negotiation word with your buyer.

Tips on how to negotiate with buyer

There are a few steps you can make if you find your buyer wishing to back out. First, ensure both of the realtors involved in this transaction are communication and both your buyer and you are provided with the copies of all communication or changes in writing.

If your buyer and you are not making use of an agent, talk directly to them to be sure that you clearly understand his or her concerns and intentions. Further, see to it, if there is any space for concessions that you could make in order to keep up the buyer in the contract.

real estate selling

The potential loss incurred due to breaking a deal may be for reasons like your unwillingness to reduce the final sale price or layout extra money to make repairs may likely to be costly than offering desired concessions. Hence, it is your choice to determine what sort of recourse you possess as a seller.

To know more about recourse options and in order to safeguard yourself from a fickle purchase, you can get help from a real estate lawyer who will review the contract and provide you with necessary services including your ability to sue your purchaser in case of necessity.

Why buying suburban rental property is good?

It is no more true fact that those who wish to buy a rental property with an idea of renting out should purchase in the city and not in the suburbs. In a recent trend, the perks of suburban renting also started to abound.

When compared to the older generation, several millennial homeowners survive in urban areas. On the other hand, approximately 47% of millennial homeowners are moving towards suburban regions and the renters are also following them. Even though it is usual belief among every one of us that city life has everything and more, equivalent or not much lesser, suburbs also possess plenty of those perks too.

rental property

Additional bang for your money

It is recommended not to get fooled around with the words that monthly rental prices in the city will be too high than suburbs. You must consider rental prices on the basis of rent cost per square foot. You can certainly get more money for your sweet little home in suburbia.

More open space

In the suburbs, you can really get wide open spaces for fewer bucks. In the sense, you can construct your abode with more likely spacious grand entryway, kitchen, home office or visiting lounge and especially your own car parking slot in a suburban rental when compared to an urban one. You will get an opportunity to access community parks and nature escapes in suburban areas.


In the suburbs, you may find several single-family abodes to rent in the sense it is not necessary that you have to share your wall or ceiling with anyone else. Thus, you have more privacy due to wide open space availability.

Community vibes

You will get more chances to know about the people living around you in your community in the suburban than urban. The options of art and culture, such as yoga studios, art galleries, performing art centers are improving in this region making it more vibrant to opt.

real estate property

Better schools

When compared to the urban schools, suburban districts boast with higher graduation rates. Even though you don’t have kiddos or not in a plan to have, having a better school in your community will be beneficiary by all means.

Happy living

It is true that people who are living in suburban are leading happier life as per a poll conducted recently. This poll reveals that people who stay in the suburbs are leading a satisfied life than those lead their life outside the suburbs. Nearly, 84% of the surveyed people stated that their suburban community is the overall excellent place to live.

Hence, if you are in a decision and all set ready to escape from the city rental game, understand that you are not alone. And if in case renting is not a long-term solution for your needs, then the best way is to move to suburban that saves your money.