Top 3 ways to research about property online

It’s time to carry on with little more digging once you are done with the basics. Most of the home search begins with online in the current trend. Those who are in the starting stage of the home search might experience a great feel such as sorting the best through listings, floor plans, photos and description out of the market.

As internet is full of information regarding the recorded sales prices, past home sales and the history of sale, it is good to research regarding background of a home that you prefer to buy. Listed below are the three online real estate mobile apps and tools that you can make use of to know more information regarding your preferred home.

Check building records

Almost every documentation and public information is currently available online. Most municipalities facilitate web access to view the building permit history. Even though the law expects most sellers to disclose their past work done on the property, there are likely chances that such building might have a past history which the seller’s may not be aware of.


You can make search online in your favorite search engine, stating building records along with your city’s name.

Make use of Google street view

One among the most revealing choice is researching a specific address by making use of Google’s Street view. It offers a snapshot of a property you are looking for at a specific moment in time, which can offer you insight into the latest history of the neighborhood or property.

However, you should be cautious as the images may not correctly reflect the current state of the home.

It might not show any recent modification made in the property to have a pleasing look or few changes done to elevate the safety levels in the home. Hence, just through seeing the property in Google Street view, you can’t decide how a property exactly looks as there are likely chances that it may miss out little information.

real estate online

Check it out the neighborhood app

A myriad of crime reporting applications for mobile devices will show you details regarding the recent crimes that have been filed, including, theft, assault, homicide, robbery, sex offenders, vehicle theft and quality of life (which frequent means noise complaints). It’s a simple and an easy approach to get an overview of how unsafe or safe a neighborhood is.

As sufficient information is available online nowadays it becomes ease for the buyers to decide to go about with his or her home buying proposal or not. It is not necessary that you have to rely completely with the realtor’s or the seller’s disclosures as using online resources you can find much more background information about the property as you can.


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