Sweet locations for workers to buy homes

It is not equally created everywhere when comes to jobs, housing costs and salaries and thus right balancing of these aspects may become difficult.

Interns find squatting in corporate work areas, whereas Silicon Valley workers stay in RVs and vans. From this, it is very clear that the vagaries of sky-high costing house price do not shield few of the tech salary earning workers.

The good fact is that, there are some tech jobs available outside the Bay area and in a few places, workers are left out with some thousands of dollars even after meeting their monthly payments, income taxes and housing costs.

Similarly, it is factual for finance workers, who no need to brave rents in New York City in order to build their careers. Also, health care workers can also perform well anywhere in the market as they are available with as plentiful of job opportunities as the affordable housing costs.

buy homes

According to a recent research and analysis conducted by LinkedIn and Zillow on a host of housing and data related to their employment in order to find which market are suitable for finance, health care workers and technology considering their salaries and income tax rates, the results were surprising.

The research was made on the basis of job openings in the markets and hiring rates in each field and availability of disposable income after meeting expenses such as median rent and income taxes.

While the Bay Area is not filled up with the best mix of employment opportunity and affordable housing, technology workers in San Francisco however manage to cope up with the stratospheric housing cost.  A median home costs about $833,600 in this area.

The average tech worker in San Francisco ends the month with a disposable income of about $140 more when compared to an average tech worker in Denver, where median home costs about $356,900. Tech renters are also charged better in San Francisco when compared to Denver, with approximately $591 in disposable on their monthly income.

real estate buying

And the better bet on a whole is Seattle, with tech workers holding around $5,987 as disposable income if they are staying in their own homes and if they are in rental abode, they are keeping $5,493 as disposable income in a month. When compared to the Bay Area, Pittsburgh and Austin seems to pencil out better.

For finance workers, the economic sweet spots are considered to be Charlotte, Phoenix and Dallas-Fort. And, for health care workers, Phoenix, Boston and Indianapolis are said to be the best bets.


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