Tips on how to prevent your home from winter perils

It is true that we can enjoy immense and unique pleasures during winter that includes get-togethers, holidaying, football viewing parties and warm flannel bed sheets. On the other hand, winter involves a certain set of perils too, which makes the owner of the house to experience property damage.

How to prevent from the most common perils?

Even though we as homeowners often find ourselves, awaiting for the mercy of nature when comes to handle certain scenario such as hail damage and wind damage, with a little forethought and due diligence, we can surely safeguard and increase the probability of escaping from these seasonal misfortunes.

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Maintain your roof in good condition

It is recommended to clean the gutters on a regular basis and replace those shingles that are worn out in order to improve the protection from roof damage. If it is not done, it may lead to another most frequent source of insurance claims, namely, water leaks. Without proper drainage facility, melted ice and snow may tend to seep down into walls and ceilings.

Take a load off

While more likely chances are there for snow or ice to melt on the roof, already existence of heavy accumulation on it may not be the safest way to go. So, it is recommended to clear the roof in a quick turnaround by hiring an expertise snow removal service provider or using a long-handled snow rake.

Safeguard your pipes

Expensive repair bills may be incurred due to frozen pipes which can be avoided through setting the thermostat approximately at 68 degrees and above and there you can maintain the water flow. Also, if the temperature dip lower than freezing, ensure the faucet trickle overnight. It is recommended to insulate the water pipes and garage outside of your house.

Focus on your trees

When there is a high blow of wind, ice, snow, your trees can lose their branches and in the worst case the entire tree may go for crashing down. It is always a good idea to trim the limbs that touch the house or overhangs. To do the same, you need to practice having regular checkups at your tree or through hiring an arborist who will identify those trees around your home that requires immediate pruning or in serious requirement will suggest you for removal of the tree.

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Have a look to the below most famous winter home-insurance in order to decrease the risk being experienced unexpectedly.

The most common yet costly claims

Weather plays a vital role in several winter insurance claims. If it is frigid temperature or frozen precipitation, there are more likely chances that your home may prone to get attacked both inside and outside. So, it is always recommended to buy winter insurance claims. In the year 2014, based upon a data analysis on weather-related insurance claims, listed below are found to be the most prevalent claims:

  • Wind damage
  • Water leaks
  • Hail damage
  • Roof damage due to snow and ice
  • Frozen pipes

Also, according to the analysis, the most expensive claims on an average cost during the winter season are

  • Frozen pipes
  • Hail damage
  • Tree collapse

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