Five Mistakes to avoid while buying a home

Real estate market includes frequent fluctuations and thus it is really tough to understand whether the prevailing market scenario is favourable for the buyer or seller.

Especially, when you are planning to buy a home, avoid making the following six mistakes in a hot real estate market scenario.

Don’t make your best offer

Offering a house lower than the value asked is generally found to be a reasonable strategy. To be more specific, if the house asked price is high when compared to other similar houses in a specific area or if the prevailing real estate market scenario favours buyers, then you can ask for better negotiation. But in case of seller’s market, buyers will not come out with a strong offer.

buying a home

Also, during a seller’s market, there is generally a shortage of inventory flow and fierce competition prevails.  So, as a buyer, you should hit the market when there is a strong opening offer.

Over-evaluating the purchase price

It is not good and risky to over-analyse the home during a seller’s market just similar to that of buying a home. If you continue to wait for a long span, you may be at high risk of losing your dream home.

Once you are determined on purchasing a type of home that fits all your desires, it is advisable not to wait and just make an offer immediately.  Get pre-approvals and other sorts of financial arrangement ready in advance and be prepared to move further in the process in a quick turnaround.

Don’t hire an inexperienced realtor

In a seller’s market, as a buyer if you wish to get benefited it is good to hire a seasoned agent as they will guide with best choices of homes for you understanding your requirements and desires. Additionally, in most cases, sellers only will pay the agent’s commission and not the buyers.

During a speed-paced real estate market, you will be competing with other buyers, and hence it is vital to be ready to offer in case you come across your dream home. Meanwhile, you can hire a professional real estate agent who will save maximum on your stress and time as they are well aware of the pros and cons in this hectic process and provide you with better suggestions.

real estate buying

Not being ready for a bidding war

During seller’s market, it’s really a tough time and task to get into bidding as there are more likely chances that you may get into risk of buying a home that is above your budget. So, in such scenario while there is much possibility of risk, it is good to make a search of a home that is less than your maximum budget. This will help you to leave room for over-asking if in case the seller asks for during a bidding war.


Not being preapproved or prequalified for a loan

Based on your steady income, you may be already known that you will be approved for a mortgage loan on the basis of low debt-to-income ratio, credit score and so on. But a seller might not be aware of your creditworthiness and the only way to express it is through owning a pre-approval from a lender.


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