Incredible tips to deal with a unlike minded real estate seller

Most of us might have come across a scenario where you have lost your heart on a home while hunting for it, but find no clues on how to deal with the real estate seller who is not like-minded. You have to decide between the two options, either winning them over or just walk out of such proposal.

Similar to a man who is searching for the one who is going to shape his life, searching for a real estate property, a perfect home of your choice is not quite different. As a buyer, you may go around the tour to dozens of homes, out of which you may have gone so many private showings too. But, just like love, even real estate is also unrequited.

At any point of time, a seller has the right to say no to a buyer may be for any reason. They may wish to get the exact quoted amount or may interest for better terms or they may not be happy with your contingencies and so on.

On the other hand, it is not necessary that the seller has no obligation to sell his or her property to you, even if you are ready to offer fair prices. Listed below are the best five ways you can implement while handling a seller who is not the one into you.



Go for maximum

If you come across your dream home, it’s not necessary to hold back on price for a prolong time.

After discussing a series of counter offers with the seller and if you find yourself staying far behind the quoted price, it’s high time for you to realize that you have to go to your maximum in order to get the dream home.

At times, they may come back at you after a few weeks, if you put your best offering price forward to them.

Move on

If a seller is not showing much interest in dealing a transaction with you, it is better to move on than hanging around the same. At times, when you move on, the seller may surprisingly show interest on your deal.

Gain lesson from the experience

If a thing seems to be not working for you, analyze in detail about what went wrong. Your sheer interest in owning a home and your assumption of becoming an owner of a home you come across alone will not make you a homeowner.

Think about the mistakes that you made and the ways how to avoid the same. May be you have made mistakes while negotiating the price; still be ready to walk away with a few lessons out of such try.



Avoid figuring out the seller

It is impossible to know what a seller thinks about you. At the maximum, you can know that the seller is not ready to sell the property as he or she is emotionally attached to it or maybe they are firm with the price they quoted. No matter, accept the truth that the seller is not willing to sell the property to you may be for any reason and just move on to the next proposal

Be motivated

Going behind a non-cooperative seller is not their issue, as a buyer it is yours. You have to identify the serious and motivated seller as buying a home is a financial commitment and a big decision.


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