Tips for renovations for attracting boomer buyers

In current trend, the USA population is getting older in an average. Nearly more than 76 million of the people in the country were born in between 1946 and 1964; in the sense major section of the American population is 50 and above aged who are considered to be the baby-boom generation.

Baby boomers are mostly found to be either going to attain their retirement age or retired and thus they are likely to become empty nesters in a quick turnaround.

As they no more in need of their two-level homes with five-bedrooms, these aging Americans downsize their requirement and in search of better fits that match up with their current life trend. It looks more appealing to them, especially for the reason that there is no need for them to relocate to a retirement home.

If you are into home flipping business, in order to attract such baby boomers, you have keep in mind the following tips while renovating the home.


Luxury aspects

Even though baby boomers are in an idea to downsize their home in respect of square footage, they definitely prefer to upsize their luxury within the space. Budget friendly tricks can be implemented while remodelling the house such as painting the kitchen cabinets looks better choice for younger homeowners, but a baby boomer will expect a few more choices as they are planning to spend the rest of their entire live in that space.

You may not go wrong if you go with luxury features such as granite countertops, wood floors and stainless steel appliances. These features definitely attract potential baby-boomers while making a deal.

Convenient and Stress-free

It is quite natural that baby-boomer buyers are tired of staying in their old home which involves heavy maintenance and work. Hence, they wish to live in a new scenario that offers them with utmost convenience and stress-free lifestyle.

They prefer modern appliances which require no repairs, energy-efficient doors and windows that cut down their heating bills, easily maintainable yard, and a large open floor space plan that offers immense natural light. Generally, most of the baby-boomer buyers prefer one-storey houses as they won’t have to go up and down to reach distinct rooms.


Home office

Several baby boomers are still in the phase of transition from full-time working job to retirement. Also, they prefer to bring the additional income through pursuing their work even after their retirement for which a home office will be helpful as they no need to commute every day.

You don’t have to spend more money to transform a room into a home office, as just through setting aside a room specifically as an office can itself satisfy baby boomers those prefer to continue their work after retirement.

Yards of easy-to maintain nature

In simple words, baby boomers prefer to have yards that are easy-to maintain which may not be very-likely possible except in those maintenance-free communities. Still, a lawn replaced with a patio or hardscaped section of a yard will sure to reduce the yard work.

Additional space

They always love to have extra space which is flexible in nature. They love space which matches up with their preferences and lifestyle. Rather than a bedroom, a hobby room seems to be much more attractive to them and a guest room transformed into a home office is a few of the most common preferences of baby-boomers.

As a flipper, you may aware of the fact that transforming rooms is not a great deal. So, it is recommended to get suggestions from the boomers on how they prefer to make use of their additional space, especially as it doesn’t involve several works from your part to make the modifications.


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