How to stay safe during hazardous winter conditions?

It is really a tough task to tackle cold temperatures and winter storms as it can be hazardous. It is necessary to stay safe and healthy through proper planning. You must pre-plan and prepare to safeguard your cars and real estate from winter storm damages. You must check with older adults on how to tackle and prepare for power outages and outside activity.

If you prepare to face the hazards of cold temperature and winter storms, you can be almost sure to stay healthy and safe when there is a decline in the temperature.

Necessary steps to be taken to your home

Most of the time due to the winter storm’s effects, people prefer to stay indoors. Still, staying inside is just not the synonym of being safe and there is no guarantee, that through staying inside you can get rid of hazards of cold temperature. You can follow these steps in order to keep your home warm and safe during the winter months.


Winterize your home

  • It is advisable to install insulation, storm windows and weather stripping
  • Also, install insulation for those water lines that runs through the exterior walls.
  • In case of any repairs in the roofs, it is time to make it good and also clean out the gutters or roof leaks if any

Ensure your heating systems serviced

  • Check your heating systems professionally serviced to ensure that is perfectly working in good condition, clean and ventilated to the exterior.
  • Do professional inspection and clean out your chimneys and fireplaces
  • Installation of a smoke detector is recommended. Also, you must test the batteries on a monthly basis
  • Alternate solution for fuels and heating sources must be made readily available
  • Prevent CO emergencies through installing a CO detector and also be aware of how to understand the symptoms of poisonous CO if you get exposed to.


Prepare your car

Equivalent to precautions you take for your home, your car must also require certain services to get for cold weather usage.

  • Maintain anti-freeze level and service the radiator
  • Check the condition of the tires or if possible replace it with snow tires
  • Maintain a gas tank level full so as to avoid ice blocking the fuel line and tanks
  • Have a winter emergency kit in your car that comprise of blankets, food, water, flares, tire pump, booster cables, maps, compass, flashlight, first-aid kit and plastic bags for sanitation purpose.

Equip yourself in advance to meet Emergencies

  • Be ready to meet the winter storms related emergencies, including power outages
  • Ensure that you always have your mobile phone in full charge
  • Store ample amount of food that requires no refrigeration or cooking and water in clean containers
  • Have your emergency kit up-to-date comprising
  • First-aid kit with sufficient medicines
  • Additional batteries
  • Battery-operated devices like a NOAA Weather Radio, lamps and a flashlight
  • Baby items
  • Sand for icy walkways
  • Prevent your family from poisonous CO (Carbon monoxide)
  • If the emergency CO detector sounds, immediately leave your home along with your family and immediately reach to 911
  • Ensure to keep camp stoves, grills and generators out of the garage, basement and house

Take these safety measures outdoors

It becomes quite inevitable to travel outside of working, roaming or to enjoy winter sports during which you may get exposed to many safety hazards that you can easily get rid of following these

  • Wear suitable clothing for outside
  • Sprinkle sand or cat litter on icy patches
  • Understand the wind chill factor
  • Always carry a mobile phone
  • When you are participating in outside entertainment, take along with an emergency kit and a buddy

Above all, it is recommended to keep an eye on your family and neighbors who need special caring during cold weather hazards like older adults, young children and chronically sick. If you have pets in your home, it is best to facilitate a shelter for them in your home and if not possible, arrange them a warm shelter with adequate space. Also, arrange them unfrozen water for drinking.

As everyone knows, no one can cease the beginning of winter storms. Still, if you adhere to these suggestions, you will be prepared to meet the hazardous winter storms when it comes.


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