Have an edge with these home buying tips

In current trend, being in a competitive real estate market world, just holding sufficient cash will not be the one that is required to close a deal. Mentioned below are the home buying tips offered by five experts beating out all-cash buyers.

It’s no more buyer’s markets and still there are many people with ample cash and plenty financing opportunities has brought a new crew of serious home hunters. As per CoreLogic, nearly one third out of the entire deals happening is cash sales. Especially in major popular locations, competition is much more.

There are approximately half or more than that cash purchase transaction account in popular cities such as Miami, New York and Los Angeles”, say appraiser Jonathan Miller.

According to the Knight Frank global survey latest research on the top 40 world’s wealthiest cities, the results states that New York ranking 2nd, Miami ranking 6th and Los Angeles being is 22nd rank. Miami Association Of Realtors says that “Over the previous year, nearly up to 40% of the overall real estate purchase was made by foreign buyers in Miami, also, 81% of them made cash purchases.

Against global cash buyers, it is possible for you to lead in the race and can buy your dream property. To know how to beat the competition, continue reading.

Approach fast

Time is the essence while transacting a real estate property. Equivalent to the strength of the cash buyers who are not necessary to present their financial contingency, a solid mortgage pre-approved with the assurance of fast closure and that requires a short-inspection is also valued much.


Miami realtor Chad Carroll of Douglas Elliman states that “Cash is significantly necessary to deal but if the buyer doesn’t approach fast it’s nothing”. In short, a seller will be with the intention to know how fast they will get their money says Hyland in Beverly Hills and Susan Smith of Hilton. Coldwell Banker’s William Pierce states that a fast closing happens approximately around 14 days.

Ready to exceed the asking price

Smith states that “In most scenario cash buyers are the strongest purchasers”. Still, Frances Katzen of Douglas Elliman in New York says that “purchasers who are ready to pay exceeding the asking price considerably stay as the seller’s preferable choice to get their financing in order”.

Another strategy to show the seller is the proof of the funds and loan pre-approval that you possess to make the down payment. A buyer with enough liquidity will be seen as a best prospective buyer from a seller.

Establish a connection

Selling a real estate property is a sensitive matter and in some instances, sellers are more concerned regarding the buyer’s intention. Smith says that if a seller has an emotional bonding with his real estate property, he or she will be ready to offer it to a buyer who is ready to occupy rather than to an investor who will be making major changes with the motto of letting it out or sell it.


Be kind

According to Leonard Steinberg, President of the Real estate brokerage firm Compass with its headquarters in New York observes that in a pool of cash-rich, self-absorbed people, those who are kind enough towards the seller seem to stay separate and prefer to gain an advantage.

It’s never going to hurt you to pay a little extra compliment for the space you are planning to buy. Buyers will quickly point out the property’s shortcomings which backfire always. Hence, make use of the opportunity and try to convince the seller and make them understand that you are the right choice of buyer they are looking for their property.

Be flexible

In order to seal the deal offering more flexible terms such as permitting the owner to stay in the same property even after closing the deal is a good idea believes Steinberg. Katzen also adds that it is obvious that the seller may also be in need of some time to settle down after the affair.

In certain scenarios, your permission to seller to stay in the property will be more appealing than cash. Don’t just go with your assumption regarding what the seller is expecting from you. It’s better to check with the seller’s agent regarding their terms they likely to view and make it a point to close the deal as most favorable.


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