Follow these fall essential tips to keep your real estate in mint condition

To sell a real estate property is really a tricky task to perform. Added, to enhance the selling price of the property, out of the distinct techniques that can be implemented, prior way is to have a great curb appeal which creates a first and best impression about the property in the minds of the prospective buyer.

Especially a well manicured and perfectly maintained lawn will welcome the visitor with a positive vibe that’s sure to create an optimistic note about the property in their minds. But maintaining a lawn during summer is not a great deal comparatively during colder weather.

During the whole summer season, you have watering, cutting, manicuring and feeding your lawn with an aim of finding a greenery rich neighborhood land. But during the autumn season, with the cool breeze, shaping up the lawn can be little tricky job for which below mentioned six steps can be a good head start.

Aeration and over seeding

  • It is an apt time during the fall where the climate will be cool to aerate your yard grass. As the soil still remains to be warm even there prevail air is cool because of the summer heat maintained in the soil.


  • During the earlier stage of the fall, it is better to do to get the best results. May be September or October, depends upon the location you live, it’s better to undertake this project. You may need to spend $120 for aerating your lawn as through which they can tiny plugs of soil. This enables large amounts of nutrients, water and air to get to the root systems of your lawn grass.
  • Through this process, it might reduce soil compaction. After completing aeration, you need to follow the over seeding process as it makes the soil looser and facilitates easy seed germination process.

Feed Fertilizers to your yard

  • Fall is the best season to fertilize your cool-season grass in a year. Cool-season grasses can in fact reach their growth rates to their peak during the fall season unlike warm-season grasses, during which frequently go dormant in this season.
  • They require the full amount of nitrogen supply in order to boost the health of the soil and yard grass. Majorly, through this it will prevent the weed growth that will choke out the growth of the grass.

Reduce Mowing

  • During summer, you might have practiced weekly mowing, but during cool-season grass, you can cut down the mowing events done every month. Alternative weeks mowing will be enough. You can mulch the extra coverage leaf on your yard, still practice cutting deck high to avoid too much manicuring your grass in the process.
  • Professionals recommend not mowing more than 1/3 of the total blade of grass as it leads to lawn scalping that further results in stoppage of grass growth. During winter season with warm-season grass, your grass experiences dormancy cycle and it is better to skip mowing completely.

Remove Leaf

  • During fall, you can try two approaches to deal with falling leaves. Every seven to ten days once, you should practice removing fallen foliage which generally blocks the sun rays reaching your grass. If it is a light leaf fall, you can turn those into a composting gold mine using your strong mower. It is possible to recycle the nutrients back into the soil, if you practice weekly once mulching leaves.


Sow and Reseed

  • You can try reseeding the yard where there are bare patches or new sections of your lawn as it is a great thing to do during the fall. Sowing new seed and applying some fresh soil to the bare patches of your yard will be helpful in making the soil to get prepared and bounce back during the fall.

Winterize Your Sprinkler System

  • If you own an underground sprinkler system in your yard, it helps to keep your grass green during all summer, and may be a big threat to your soil as well as utility bill at the winter months. If you forget to blow out the underground system, the remaining water in the pipes may get frozen off, expands and finally burst out. Thereby, water will get leaked off in your soil and that affects the integrity of the soil leading to serious damage.

Always keep this point in mind that a well manicured lawn can help you sell your real estate property in an easy way.


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